Good project management skills - Created an atlas project and related Geodatabase that would be used for students the following year.

   Demonstrate good leadership skills - Community Planning course, created and maintained Geodatabase of data collected by team. Community mapping class, created agenda, helped problem solve issues as they arose.

   Terrain Visualization skills - able to create relistic terrain models for use with mapping products.

   Working knowledge of ntdb, nstdb and Canvec datasets - Downloading, manipulating, using stylesheets for symbolization.

   Good working knowledge of text placement – Numerous projects during two years at COGS, including a Biophysical Atlas

   Create eye catching products through the use of color harmony – Created a calendar with abstract design, the background was used as posters for the COGS Career Fair.

   Effectively communicate information through the use of color, symbols, style and other means , Cold Lake Poster

   Research, select and evaluate map data for use in preparing or revising maps - Hops project.

   Work with Figure Ground theory to bring desired elements to foreground to focus attention where needed - library brochure project

   Use prepared GIS data to perform Geospatial analysis to solve a variety of concerns such as crop suitablility. - crop suitabilty project (hops)

   Excellent annotation skills with map based or GDB based text. - PEI MAP

   Assemble and geoprocess GIS data, and working with different data sets. Land use project for community mapping.

   Excellent time management skills - atlas project had 3 weeks to create it.

   Excellent attention to detail

   Spatial referencing systems and positioning

   Computer Aided drafting systems (CAD) Mount Robson project

   Database/information structures, algorithms,
design and systems

   Geospatial data analysis, modeling and display

   File management: meta data and file transfer

   Python - Introduction to Python, mostly ArcPy.

   Web design, good working knowledge of HTML, Javascript, and Flash.